The GHS Training Program and WHMIS 2015

Instructor Training Workshop   

Why Attend This Workshop

The information conveyed through WHMIS 2015 is some of the most important that people in the workforce from the new hire to long-service employee will ever learn. This information is directly linked to the ability to protect one's health and safety.

But WHMIS 2015 is boring, isn't it! Far from it, WHMIS 2015 can be taught in a manner that stimulates the interest of everyone in the audience. Participants can learn to interpret and apply the information in a Safety Data Sheet in about 4 hours.

How can this be done? The secret lies in applying principles of adult learning and creating ‘teachable moments'. This workshop will share those secrets.

Materials provided in the workshop enable organizations to get complete control over WHMIS 2015 costs by doing the instruction themselves, in-house. Everything is provided, even a template for printing wallet cards!

Who Should Attend

This workshop will appeal to anyone responsible for teaching WHMIS 2015.

What You Will Receive

• The GHS Training Program and WHMIS 2015 Reference Manual, the Worker Handbook, sample SDSs, tests, PowerPoint™ presentation, and a template for printing wallet cards.

• handouts and notes