Portable Ventilation Systems Handbook

Portable Ventilation Systems Handbook is the first book dedicated to discussion about the technical aspects, selection, and use of portable ventilating equipment.

Portable ventilation systems differ considerably from the fixed systems found in industrial applications. They are easily constructed on the jobsite, and are used virtually without control in applications ranging from the innocuous to the highly hazardous. They usually are constructed by individuals who have little, if any, knowledge about safe practices for their use, and the implications of minor deviations from instructions.

Portable Ventilation Systems Handbook leads the reader systematically from ventilation principles and applications, to hazardous conditions that can affect the safe of use of this equipment, to characteristics of equipment available in the marketplace, and finally to a repeatable, defensible method for selecting the appropriate equipment for the circumstance and predicting performance of the system. Portable Ventilation Systems Handbook also provides information about standards applicable to this equipment and examples of novel applications.