The HazCom Training Program   UPDATE PENDING

The Hazard Communication Standard (HazCom) creates the mechanism for the transfer of information about the hazardous properties of chemicals from manufacturers and importers to employers, and from employers to employees. HazCom requires employers to train employees to recognize, interpret, and act upon hazard information contained in Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs) and warning labels. These requirements create a tremendous training challenge, since much of the information is foreign to almost all workers and supervisors. As well, there are issues of literacy, age, education, gender, and cultural background. To emphasize the importance of these matters, OSHA requires the learning to be effective, and to be put into practice. Otherwise, the training exercise is pointless. The HazCom Training Program provides the means to achieve OSHA requirements. An added bonus is that The HazCom Training Program is completely self- contained. That is, an employer can do the training in-house without future expense.

The HazCom Training Program is the product of 10 years of effort and the experience of instructing employees and their supervisors and managers from a broad spectrum of industry. The HazCom Training Program contains the hardcover HazCom Reference Manual and a CD-ROM containing the fully illustrated Employee Handbook, an electronic slide presentation, and forms. The HazCom Reference Manual serves as a resource about information provided in MSDSs and warning labels. It also provides useful information about HazCom and adult learning including strategies for communicating about sensitive topics, such as cancer and birth defects.

The Employee Handbook, available on the CD-ROM, contains more than 90 illustrations that explain the concepts of HazCom in simple, yet technically correct terms. Included are many questions and answers for review and reinforcement. The Employee Handbook is suitable for use in classroom sessions, as well as self-study. The CD-ROM also contains printable forms for use in training assessment and recordkeeping, and an electronic slide presentation of the illustrations.